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Listen to what they say

While these are not real videos because they're made using A.I, we're just trying to prove a point that Woo-Hoo is also an A.I. powered platform where you don't need studio lighting, sound card or even pro make-up to look and sound better. Woo-Hoo A.I technology will make you look and sound better just like these videos below. What is more, listen to what they have to say.

Change Your Source of Income

Every Creators should be able to Live of their Content, Ideas, and Artwork. Not from Advertisements, Endorsement, Placement, Sponsorship, etc... but from the Support of their Audience. For obvious reasons. Advertisement often being avoided by Audience and therefore always created with the mindset to Engage Audience, therefore Advertisement are becoming more and more Not like an Advertisement.


But the trend are moving backwards because Influencers are placing Brands into their content and can literally stir a cup of coffee and shout out the slogan crudely during their content because they're paid and obliged to do so or literally run a podcast inside a mini market. If this continues, Audience will decline and eventually Brands will also leave.