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Did we say LIVE?

Everything you need for a superior interactive streaming. For Video Call, Entertainment, Vlogging, or shared interests, people everywhere are connecting online.


Broadcast interactive discussions or events with celebrity hosts or influencers to a very large, dispersed audience with the interactive video platform optimized for real-time engagement and Super adaptable for Low Bandwith on your mobile!

We dare you to compare, quality will speak for itself. 

Baking Home Video

HD Experience

High-definition video up to 1080p cross-platform is mobile-friendly even at the edge of wi-fi. Video codec support for superior compression and image quality for optimal real-time video streaming.

Smart encoder/decoder algorithm delivers the best resolution based on each user’s hardware and network bandwidth.

Encoding algorithm reduces the video bitrate and bandwidth required without sacrificing video quality. No Delay.


Co-host modes among moderators is enabled.


Interactive features available for Question and Answers plus Voting. Both are commentable.

Reactions like Raise Hands are manageable for programs like Quiz

Along while streaming live video, soon participants can share their entire screen and more.


AI-powered services such as AR facial masks, facial beautification, and more.


Using automatic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, automatic noise suppression, and an AI-powered noise cancellation algorithm, adapts to variant acoustic conditions to remove ambient and distracting noises, ensuring voices come through crystal clear.

Hi fidelity

Full bandwidth capture
A 48kHz (sampling rate)  provides the most natural audio where quality is of critical importance. Stream audio up to 192kbps to reproduce the original audio source in high fidelity.

Noise Cancellation, 3-D Spatial Audio, proximity-based sensing is used to making it a more In Real Life (IRL) experience for participants.

Sophisticated streaming network algorithms minimize latency and packet loss for smooth, stutter-free, live streaming without interruptions.

The easiest way to receive PAYMENT and PAYOUT   for your soon-to-be Global marketplace

Our platform can replace multiple systems typically used to process Local payments, payouts, cross continental.


Replace your finance, operations, and support teams the tools you need to accept multiple payment methods Globally and comprehensive transaction history.

There's only one way to prove it, see it for yourself.

Globalization concept
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