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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Context. How much is our content worth? Definitely not for free. And all that hard work from brainstorming to execution, should not get any harder. But the harsh reality, we can only find most users from free platforms that do not let us - Creators, set our own value. Then it took many trials and errors to drive viewerships while subscriptions are free. More importantly, Ads pay with peanuts (read: Content is priced at Super Cheap value). So what can we do?

Woo-Hoo is where Content Creators can keep doing what they love, because of

  • DEMOCRATIZATION OF PRICE Artists & Creators are free to set their own rate. Small community of Fans who are fully supportive could mean a sustainable career, without brand sponsorship. Gone are the days to have dedicated team or special connection to get branded content project. There is no need to create a media profile to showcase your followers profile. Just do what you do. Woo-Hoo give the power to you.

  • BROADCAST, FINTECH, AND MORE A technology like J.A.R.V.I.S that can make anyone an Iron Man. Just A Rather Intelligent System in a one simplified platform made for Idols to make 1on1 Video Call, LIVE cast to a million viewers, etc... and able to process payments from all around the world.

  • ROBUST TECHNOLOGY Built on Top tech provider like Amazon, Stripe, Google and more. This type of thing cannot be written or read to be fully understood. The only way to prove this, by testing it yourself. See how our Video call quality, we dare you to compare.

How much does it cost?

There 2 membership type for now. We call it, Idol type with different pricing:

  1. Type 1: Commission Only - 11% per Transaction Use this membership when you do not want any commitment to pay monthly subscription fee.

  2. Type 2: Monthly Subscription Only - US$21 per Month Use this membership when you find this is cheaper because you have tons of Fans 1on1 Video Call requests.

Come, join this revolution and try the app for yourself here

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